About Rares Iulian Simu


Being [and well internationally recognized and certified by IMCA [CMID Vessel Inspector since 2010, having more than 35 operational and specialized maritime audits, on behalf of clients [Oil and Gas companies] or contractors, OSHA-US [This training conforms to U.S. Department of Labor (OSHA) training standards and ANSI Z490.1], IIRSM-UK [since 2014], ASSE-US [since 2007], etc.] an QHSE and Security specialist [maritime, seismic, drilling, etc.], I believe my expertise could be widely used considering the profile of your company.
Activities as Client Representative, Marine Industry Auditor [CMID IMCA, Maritime and Port Facilities Audits, QHSE and Security Management, etc.], accident and incident investigatior, trainer, reviewing documents, procedures and manuals against latest rules and regulations, supporting different teams for building reports [bridging document] are just a few things I can write them down.
Talking about my security consultant experience, I have to mention that I succesfully represented Tidewater’s interests in Nigeria for two years, being their Country QHSE & Security Manager, taking care of more than 40+ vessels operating in the area. In that period, being Tidewater’s DPO [Designated Person Onshore] and CSO [Company Security Officer] in the area, I actively taking part of a number of two security incidents [kidnappings] in Nigeria, being part of the dedicated [US special agencies] negotiating teams. Also, part of my duties were related to implementing and verifying ISPS recommendations, training crew members on dedicated security drills. Apart of this, during some sensitive or between other marine projects, I was called to be part of various management team in various locations around the world [especially West Africa and Middle East] to provide security consultancy for respective projects, both onshore and offshore [most of them were under “non-disclosure / confidentiality” contracts, but could be easily checked]. Please contact me for details…
I would like to highlight my fully involvement as Tidewater’s Country Marine QHSE and Security Manager in Nigeria for two full years, followed by another two full years with FUGRO for their maritime departments, seismic and drilling projects, around the world. Have I mention another 5 [five] months based in Soyo, Angola, representing Bourbon Offshore's interests with ESSO?
My corner stone’s education is referring to that 5 [five] years in the Naval Academy “Mircea cel Batran”, Constanta, Romania, so more than advanced [officer in reserve in army, taking regular refreshment trainings every two years] military education and all related [mentality, organization, survival and so] are still part of my present behavior.

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